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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Falling Fast

                                            It's Fall.
 The sky wrestles between moody greys and opulent clouds.The sun comes out in short intervals as  it   adjusts    to it's reprieve as well.


 The corn fields stand in silent surrender,awaiting the reaper.


The forests and woodlands burst with stunning vibrancy.                The magnificent colours sweep the landscape 
               with a grand gesture of benevolence.

The gardens have a weathered appearance . Bravely the flowers bloom on ,as if completely unhindered by the sudden chill in the air.


   Lamenting is useless. Completely unnecessary.
Tears and joy mingle to imbue the present with raw beauty.

Only when we have come to the place where we can say,"yes, it is all beautiful.
The hope, the passion,  the thriving,  the surrender."

Four Seasons
                                        via google

We humbly whisper "thank-you" in awe and adoration.

more gratitude,17.family time,18.friend time,19.pumpkin parfait,(a yummy dessert:)20.creative children,21.thanksgiving dinner at sister's 22.being able to cuddle a baby in the nursery,23.reading to girls at bedtime,24.a ride for daughter stranded at school,25.eggs from our chickens,26.music and silence.27.Divine protection.28.Helping hands to empty out the garden.
                                                            (a few weekend pics....)



  1. Lucy,
    I really like all the Fall colors on here and the bright orange pumpkins. It is a glorious season, don't you think? I am enjoying all that it brings to us. Divine protection....Yes, thank you God.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Hello Lucy...Enjoyed your lovely fall photos! Great job! It's a lovely fall there. Thanks, too, for your visit to my blog and your comment, too. Always nice when you stop by. Susan

  3. Oh how true!
    Autumn is so gorgeous and majestic in every way!
    Loved your photos and your fun weekend pictures!
    I love seeing pumpkins too!
    Have a great weekend!

    Deborah xoxoxo


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