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Thursday, 18 October 2012

As Simple as a Smile

Our eyes met as we walked in each others direction. At first I thought I'd avert them and just keep right on striding towards my destination,At the last minute I recanted though and smiled a "hello".
With  true, genteel manner the stranger returned  my greeting. I carried on with my duties feeling a little lighter for having shared something so menial as a smile.

It really is true isn't it, that it does not take much sometimes to make our own day just a little brighter.

Why am I often tempted to think that anything I have to offer,really can't make much of a difference.
 Isn't that right when the evil one is gloating; thinking "good I have her where I want her" The lies from him are endless, and he knows just which ones will work on each of us.
You'll never be as good as her. You'll never stop that bad habit.You'll always feel like a failure.
On and on he can keep us in bondage.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a  sound mind.
                             2 Timothy1:7

How wonderful that we can have victory through Christ, and be filled with LOVE,  POWER , and
a SOUND MIND. I love that verse,don't you?

I hope your day is filled with ways you can bless others,
         and in return feel blessed from Above.

                     some smiles your way.....

 51.sunshine to work outdoors in,52. colds don't last forever,53.kleenex for this cold,54.a good book,55.a daughter who is disciplined in reading the Word,56.pumpkins to cook and freeze for later,
57.clothes for each season,(even though the tee shirts are packed away the memories of summer linger on)58.ginger tea,59.grocery stores,60.smiles.


  1. Thank-you for making me smile this morning...even your dog is smiling!

  2. Yes how true Lucy..it is the simple things that are the "big" things.
    I enjoyed all the smiles here today and the good Word!

    Deborah xo


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