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Friday, 19 October 2012

Does Anyone Have A Tissue?

 You will laugh, you will cry,and if you are anything like me, you will feel inspired, to see with new eyes, the people placed in your path.
A little while ago, a friend, (thank you Mynie) recommended this book.
Same kind of Different As Me.
'a rich,soul stirring, read. '
                usually I like to savour my books, enjoy them slowly, in small bites.

This one begged me to finish it.
At times humorous and other times heart wrenching,
your mind will be engrossed in this powerful ,true story.

             The truth about it is,whether we is rich or poor or somethin in between,
               this earth ain't no final resting place. So in a way,we is all homeless-
                          just workin' our way toward home. Denver Moore

thanks again-61.cana bulbs out,62.attending ladies night with a friend last evening,63. we have a God who cares and works out details,64. details;the little things that make up life,65.sleepovers here with friends,66.popcorn and movie,67.pyjamas,68.browsing antique store with my mom-in-law69. the opportunity to bless,70.leftovers for supper:)


  1. There's NOTHING like a good book...I found a few my Richard Paul Evans this week that I had not read and wow, it feels good to read something you simply cannot put down.

  2. Great,I'll have to find out what they were.
    You'd love this one I'm sure. The story alternates between the artist and the 'homeless man',and is very moving!!!

  3. Sounds like a book we all should read!....Hi Lucy I found your blog through your sister Janet. I have so enjoyed her beautiful poetry, and am thrilled to have found you here as well! :-)


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