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Monday, 22 October 2012

Sisters;Surpassed Devotion

I have learned much by watching my two youngest daughters and observing
                     their devotion to one another.

Very opposite personalities are best summed up in this humorous story.
Miss Demure had given Miss Drama her bath one night. The water temperature must of left something to be desired. I overheard Miss Drama say as she blow dried her hair, HEAT!! Feels so GOOOOOODDD!!!
To which Miss Demure staidly responds," I gave you a bath, you should be grateful!"

Needless to say they have 'carried one another's  burdens' (Galation6:2) in all kinds of ways, and shared in each others  joy.
                  I am here on the swing thinking, watching, listening....

I hear....
'what do you like better, raking or jumping? 'cos if you like raking better, I'll jump!'
no, the piles not big enough yet!
fall is my favourite season. Mom ,what is yours? Today it is fall.' I smile.

        Of two sisters one is always the watcher,one the dancer.
                                                        Louise Gluck

          We were sisters both bound and separated by genetics and circumstance. We were fragile and tough, stubborn for reasons all our own. (Margaret Becker)

I wanted to add my other two daughters as well, but decided it would be too long a post.
So someday I will try and capture their relationship.
It may read a little like The Tale Of Two Cities....smile.


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  1. Happy new week darling....love Ria...xxx...

  2. I can relate to this with my younger two girls:) I only have one brother, no sisters, so watching the relationship fascinates me. I'm thankful they have one another in all the good and fine tuning ways. I'll look forward to your older girls post as well. Glad your eldest is home this week!


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