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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A Sign Of The Times

They said there simply isn't space.
We can't display this scene.
It really isn't all that important,
By the way, what does it mean?

They said it's a business choice.
We must stay with the present time.
 It's a little odd,and out of place.
We could be guilty of crime.

I say, have we really come
To such a place as this,
That in the maddening rush and haste
We've not realized what's amiss.

For if throughout the busy year
We've never stopped to pray,
Or thank the One who came to earth.
Then Christmas is just a day.

A day full to worship things,
That fail to fill a heart.
A day where joy is empty
And dread can sometimes start.

I pray that through this Christmas;
My heart has ample room
For the Babe who came this world to save
From our own impending doom. 

I was reading in the paper how a mall here, decided not to display the Nativity scene this Christmas.
There seems to be less room for the Real meaning of Christmas every year.

still grappling gratitude here...

 191- anticipation of the season, 192-compliments from a child:"I like that sweater, Mom:)"193-candles burning,194-cleaning out closets, 195-warm hugs,196-a blanket box that is full to pull from on these cold nights,197-shoes by the door,198-smiles from strangers,199-spray paint makeovers,200-Christmas decorating,201-child bursting out in song,202-abundance and variety of food available.


  1. Hi Lucy....

    It's really awful, almost treason,
    No room for the Babe behind the season!

    Santas and elves make quite a sight
    But nothing's as awesome as that first night.

    The night when Jesus in a manger lay,
    His only bed a bale of hay.

    So let's remember, it's nothing strange,
    That the reason for the season will NEVER change.

    The little one brings peace and joy,
    The world was saved by the Jesus boy!


    1. Wow Susan, that is so sweet of you, I love it.
      Turns out I wasn't the only one upset as just half an hour ago I was listening to the news and mall management was inundated with protests so they brought the Nativity back. So happy ending I guess you could say.
      Thank-you again, Susan!

    2. Ohhhhhh, that's great news, Lucy. Great news. Have a beautiful day on Wednesday. Susan

  2. Love your manger and the TRUE meaning for Christmas.
    It's all so beautiful when CHRIST is in Christmas!
    Love & winter hugs to you Lucy xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo

  3. A sad reflection of the times, but thankfully no one can take away Christmas from the hearts of believers! Thank-you for continuing to shine!


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