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Monday, 26 November 2012

Life ; A Perpetual Learning


Came across this today and thought it was worth sharing....
Hope you enjoy!

 101 Timeless Lessons Life Teaches

smiles and thanks for these:
181- daughter praying;" be with all the boys and girls who get the shoe boxes and those who don't!"
182-beautiful covering of snow out there
183-thoughtful friends
184-attending craft fair
185-my clothes drier
186-cleaning my mother-in-laws house(every year her daughter and we six daughter-in-laws plan a day to clean for her. She's eighty two and lives alone, still in reasonable health but it is always great to lay aside our agendas and clean: which includes a certain degree of gabbing,laughing and general silliness.oh and....
187-pizza. (tis a tradition!)
188-courage to say 'NO' sometimes
189-discovering how freeing 'YES' was this year
190-squash; love this vegetable!


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