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Monday, 12 November 2012

The Trifling Ticket Incident

I see the flashing red and blue lights in my mirror and wonder vaguely if I should move to  another lane so they can  pass me.Bewildered I notice they are still behind me as I pull into the parking lot of my destination, the big thrift store. "what on earth!" I say to my daughter beside me, who is ready to get home and go out for the evening. She has spent four hours taking the bus home from college and I have come to pick her up in the closest city.I wanted to make a quick stop while I checked the thrift store for some knitting needles and then scurry home to make supper for hubby who is out plowing the field. This just seems rather unlikely.
 Feeling a bit flustered as my mind races ahead of me I pull into a parking space and roll down my window to acknowledge the approaching officer.
"What do you mean?" I ask innocently." I don't have an updated licence sticker,how could you tell this?" I ask him frankly.
I stared at the officer in disbelief, "no I am certain this is a mistake." My husband always pays his insurance on his birthday.'( I know this because he will  usually make a wry joke about what a nice present this is.)
'Would you like to see some piece of evidence?' I inquire, hoping Mr Officer will be impressed by my helpfulness, I reach into the glove department to display the ownership and insurance papers.A wave of impatience and annoyance surges through me.
Surely he has more important things to do with his time then to stop me for not having a licence sticker!
Isn't there real criminals he should be after and innocent children he could be protecting!
Fuming is futile, so subdued I sit and wait with three daughters  for Mr. Officer to return with the verdict.Eventually Mr. Officer returns with ticket in hand assuring me it is not half as bad as it could be and how he has graciously waived having us taken off the road. Determined to be a good example to my silent occupants, I thank him and assure him that we will certainly pay the licence as soon as possible. His demeanour changes slightly from superior cop to citizen as he reminds me to drive safe.

 I think about that evening and the weeks events, and how it seemed like the final straw. All week I felt like I had been running on 'survival mode' and the constant demands and duties were taking it's toll on me. I smile at the irony of my feelings when I notice this helpless little Polly my daughter had placed here waiting for glue to repair her....

                                 The truth is aren't we all broken? 
   Don't we all need that Divine heavenly glue called grace?
 Aren't we  all a mess without it. The dirt and debris of our lives are all exposed much like the bright sunshine exposed the evidence of a lack of dusting furniture here recently and
as Mr. Officer could tell by scanning my licence plate and reveal the truth of my ways,
our Heavenly Father sees all the secrets of my heart.

The feelings of not being enough and being too much.
The feelings of regret when words and silence wound hearts.
The fears and failures do not surprise Him at all.

I have spent the past week cleaning up leftover leaves and debris from lawn and garden, and as my eyes scan the bare landscape of November I consider the purpose of  this barren land, the starkness, a reminder though of Help and Healing to barren hearts. 

       Come unto Me, all you that labour and are heavy    laden.            and I will give you rest. Matthew11:28.

thankful for.....
 139,for cops with compassion...my second daughter( who is seventeen and only driving alone for six months) happened to be on the road at the same time that I was stopped.At the hand of fate  a cop also stopped her but
when he noticed her tears and how visibly shaken she was he kindly let her go as he assured her he realises it is not her fault:).



  1. Love your post !!!!.....love and blessings Ria.....xxx...

  2. Ohhhh, Lucy. Did you ever get to go into the thrift shop? If I let a sticker go past a due date, I can be SURE I'll get stopped. Last time (a couple weeks ago), I got stopped because my driver's license was expired...it was past my birthday and I forgot to renew it. Guess what? I was not allowed to drive home! Thank God my car wasn't towed. Had to call my daughter to come "rescue" her Mum. She drove my car home and her hubs drove theirs. Always something, isn't it? Susan

  3. Yes Susan, believe it or not I did run in and check it out after that!
    Our licence plate stickers were due at the end of September and I guess somehow we had overlooked getting them paid! Yes, there certainly always IS something that's for sure!


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...