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Friday, 23 November 2012

Feathering My Nest Friday ,and an Invitation

Welcome to the second edition of Feather My Nest a fun take on a theme for Fridays.
Please join me in this venture. Link up- I'd love to see how YOU feather your nest!

Today my nest; will be brimming with girls enjoying a holiday from school, and celebrating my youngests' birthday which was yesterday. She turned ten. I can hardly believe a decade has passed since her debut.

      here she is sporting her new housecoat,watch and hat,
                                                                                     with no thought
                   whatsoever of the implications of ten;  and what they do to her mother.

 A few girls arrived bright and early to enjoy breakfast compliments of big sister;banana rollups,spread a pancake with peanut butter and wrap around banana!

after lunch the party began in earnest with fun for everyone...

                      it was fun to watch them have fun, under sister's    supervision..... such aspiring artists.

        by the way click here for this theme already going strong! So lovely.

I've heard it said that joy and sorrow always intermingle; whenever you are experiencing one, the other is close at hand and you will inevitably experience it eventually. It really takes both to have a rich life.
Never did I think of that as much as I did today. In the middle of my daughter's birthday celebration I attended a beautiful memorial service for my neighbour/ friend. It was definitely a juxtaposition if there ever was one, and a poignant reminder to me to embrace all the moments I have with my loved ones because tomorrow holds no guarantees.


thankful for; 167,life, 168,the craziness,169, the beautiful memorial service,170,the chance to know Julie,171,the hymns we sang,172,she loved the Lord,173,daughter's birthday,174,friends,175,bike ride yesterday,176,snow today(in all things, right?)177,thank-you cards,178,finding daughter who rode the bus to closest city without too much trouble,179,the steam rising from my mug right here...180, my super comfy bed.

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