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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Comfort Food

Nothing says lovin' like fresh from the oven. Right?

It's that time of year for those comfort foods.

What says comfort to you?

                          how about fresh baked bread?

                                   or maybe a rack of ribs with potatoes and carrots...

or a good for you dessert like this
  blueberry apple cobbler.
    recipe here...




                                                 here are some popcorn balls...

                  and then there's pumpkin pie and muffins.

              I have to say one thing I love about fall is being in my kitchen and cooking and baking for the people I love.
                 I hope you do as well.

             After all , if love is a verb this should define it quite well.

          Love is a fruit in season at all times, and
            within the reach of every hand. Mother Teresa

 116.being able to nourish and nurture,117.a kitchen table,118.realizing life is too short to pine for yesterday,119. my Mother, who is more precious than rubies,120.Mom's 70th celebration,121.tissue boxes that match decor122.the Word,123.Grace,124.my Mom again( her name is Grace)125.a sound mind,126.colour!



  1. This all looks delicious! It is certainly is the comfort food time of year:)

  2. I love comfort food too, and especially during this season!
    Baking and cooking and serving it up to our families is so rewarding.
    Everything here looks scrumptious!
    Have a good weekend with some good food and warmth of family.

    Deborah xo

  3. Wow, that all looks amazing (and I imagine your home smelled wonderful)!! What a lucky family :) I especially love to bake ~ but since we (unfortunately) can't live on pies, cakes and cookies, I cook too ;)


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