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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Keep Dancing

please listen to the music

Sometimes life is just that way,                  
But never stop trying.
The courage to love and not give up.
The strength it takes to believe.
Everything will be okay.

Life and love are a phantom dance of sorts.
We can try to avoid it's mystery.
But when we embrace the wonder and  power they hold,
We truly live.

When we let go and ride like the wind towards our destiny.
When we risk.....to feel and know.
When we give..... beyond ourselves.

We  find that joy; that unveiling of a beautiful soul.
The scars of a beautiful life are in the hands and eyes
        that weep with compassion.

                         The Love that knows no Bounds....

              keep sailing.....follow the Master.

 for these and more we thank Thee...
151,a walk through nature with a friend,152. riding my bike in November,153, a freezer with half a beef in it ,154. neighbours who sell beef.155.girl singing-'I've got something that the world can't give and the world
 can't take it away'156.Simple Sundays,157.sister bonds,158.watching a movie together:(the Disney movie Brave as my youngest summarised;'it was good at the beginning and end and kinda weird in the middle.)

159.beautiful music and scenery in it 160.beautiful sunset tonight,161.the power of prayer,162.packing shoe boxes,163.girl baking a wacky cake,164. good progress reports from school,165.worshipping through music.166.son enjoying basketball.

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