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Friday, 30 November 2012

First Impressions

             A front porch is so much fun to decorate....

        It can be a great clue to the owners taste and style....
         mine is a lot like me: not too formal. perhaps relaxed and a bit whimsical  that is SO much better a word than odd.( which apparently is a synonym.)
                                         The Front Door                                
                   I haven't had something on my door for a while...
                  but I had fun making this wreath. It's actually only fallen off once so far!


Sometimes a spark can light a fire... that's what happened when I spied a trio of red lanterns a while ago.The hunt for a red lantern began....I couldn't find one in my price range so after investing in a can of spray paint my old one was transformed.also the skates which were near by...




Thank you so much for visiting my version of Feather My Nest Friday.
It was fun to share this with you......

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  1. You have a very charming porch..love those red skates and lantern.


  2. So pretty ~ looking for ideas for my front porch this morning and that red lantern has me thinking.......
    Thanks so much ~ Dee

  3. What a delightful grouping! I'd be happy to step onto your porch and knock on the door to see you:)


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...