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Monday, 7 January 2013

My Word of the Year

The beginning is the half of every action...

Routine began anew this morning.
 And  I am the one who loves the hum of routine most days, except for this morning I was calling recant.
 I need another day I say and I pull the throw up around me, after I've made the lunches and breakfasts and combed hair, and prayed  with them and waved to the bus driver.
The world outside my window had been softly and  regally draped in a pure, white garment.
It was ever so still and quiet. Hushed was the word.
 I don't want to move...BE Still and KNOW that I am God.
Be still, still, still.Psalms 46:10

I am pondering my word or words for the year. I like the idea of having a word that resonates a theme for the coming 365 days. Last year I went with the small; but ever so mighty word YES.
The word that keeps  coming back to me as I consider this is RESPONSE. I talked about it here.(thank-you Amy)

Last years Yes,was a response.This year I'd like to "bear it in mind" a little further.
So many times I cannot change the outcome, but my response is entirely up to me. This was something I thought about while hubby and I watched the absurd movie Ground hog Day last week. While I certainly don't condone everything about this movie,it really impacted me how Bill Murray ultimately came to the conclusion, after nobody believed his strange tale of repeating the same day; that his own RESPONSE was the pivotal key to his own happiness.(Inspiration and observations come from the most unlikely things sometimes.)
The way I respond is up to me... ,whether someone arrives late or on time,
hold or relinquish,give or take....HOW I respond is what is important!
So much is a response,and has the power to change me! I have a feeling I may learn some frightening things about myself but I am ready for the challenge!

Even when I think I am NOT responding, that alone is a response.

 I have a couple more words that I'd like to integrate in 2013, that I will share with you another time.

       How about you, Do you choose a word for the year?


  1. Lucy I love this post!
    Its back to school time again, isn't it? I sensed the same thing this morning before I came down to the kitchen to make some breakfast for my hubby and I.
    Come, sit quiet with Me...before the day gets busy and filled with sounds and the to do's for the day.
    I sat with my new devotional by Ann Voskamp, given to me by a dear friend at Christmas, and quieted my heart to listen to His voice.
    A beauty-filled way to begin the day.
    The word I was given for this year was "respond"....and I love it and treasure it. Will I respond, and how will I respond, to His voice this year, and then to everything else that comes before me that I am given the opportunity to respond to. I pray that my first response will always be a quick "yes" to His voice, His heart, and see Him through everyone and everything else he chooses to place before me in each moment of the year.
    Walking with you Lucy, and our word from Him...it's an exciting word with so much possibility. Opportunities to honour Him and bring glory to His Name.
    All my love to you this beautiful January's day!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

    1. Thank-you Deborah,I LOVE how we have basically chosen the same word!
      God is so good.Hugs and blessings my friend...xo.

  2. I love how God can speak to us through silly movies like Groundhog's Day. Isn't He wonderful. And it's so true, we choose our response. In our counselling, we talked about the difference between reacting and responding. Responding is wisdom. I sure do appreciate you, Lucy. Thanks for your encouraging words. xo,ab


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...