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Friday, 4 January 2013

Of Clutter, Colds and Chaos

                                                                                                             these magnets tell it well..
Beyond the colds , clutter and chaos.                 
I sense a calm.
For my spirit knows nothing stays forever.
This is but a murmur on life's sea.
So when a fevered child lies restlessly waiting for life to resume to normal, I say quietly "what is normal?" 
There surely are different kinds of normal.

Today it was chaos that is the normal here in the holidays, with children ;plus a couple extra around . 
Deserted toast crusts lie on the carpet, left by child who has been on the couch with a fever and cold.
Grocery bags brought home from a quick jaunt to the store, line up by the counter ready to   find their place eventually.                                                       
"Mom we can't find the all the pieces for our game," call a couple girls as they set chairs up in rows to play airplane.(The game is for the passengers.") Can you come? They implore, "West Jet is now open!"
"Sure," I oblige," I've always wanted to fly!"
Imaginations soar as they welcome me aboard.

"Yes" please do come in,    I greet second daughter's friend here  to help with a school project. Soon  computers are set up  as girls laugh, and talk about what has been new in their lives over the last two weeks. Resuming homework seems like a vague proposition.

"Oh no" I realize I missed starting the drier when the time of use was at it's lowest for hydro,quickly I go to check and am pleasantly surprised to see it full of dry clothes. Thank-you, I murmur as I close the door to retrieve later.

Later in the afternoon we take a
two minute drive to our school and soon we're sliding down a hill on toboggans and sleds. Hysterical laughter erupts when the school bell rings loudly, right on cue, holidays or not!
Hot chocolate warms us up when we come home.

The Christmas tree here looking dejected and forlorn, such a contrast from short days ago,
when it twinkled and held mystery and intrigue.    

The Christmas cards and photos smile on, serving as reminders of what was and what can never be taken away from our hearts..... memories.....precious memories.

This is a wee snapshot of my day. I really should have gotten a few more pictures, but quite truthfully I wasn't really thinking about photo ops today! This evening as I sat down here, it came out like this. 

these shots were earlier in the week:
   some winter fun...

                                          four wheeling fun with GT.

a skate in the city...

                 finally here is our winter campfire we had on New Years Day.

  Hope your first week of 2013 was happy and healthy, if it wasn't
                 just remember it can always get better.....CHEERS!

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  1. I love the winter shots you have posted and New Years looked fun with the bonfire. Have a great week from a new follower.

  2. Happy New Year my friend!!
    Sending hugs and smiles your way!

    Deborah xoxo


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