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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Is It Really That Simple?

Recently I was a spectator at a hockey game. Every time I watch this sport I am struck at the end of the game when the two teams line up after the game is over, to shake hands with their opponents. The poignancy and power in such a seemingly simple action moves me.
 I commented to the person I was with "this is my favourite part."" Because it's over," she  teased. " Maybe," I acquiesce.

But as I consider this further I decide it is more than that.

It can best be summed up in one word RESPONSE. 
Isn't that the critical element to what life doles out?
 Response; how is my response to that outstretched hand of life, 
         that may at times I feel have played harsh and unfair?
Can I extend my arm and shake the hand that has been playing against me for the whole game?

How do I respond to those sudden changes to my day that require a bit of grace and bending for someone else?

My response to a cutting remark from someone,  is the key to further pain or beautiful blessing.
I hope this makes sense, but response can make a huge difference to my day.

 I stand at the window of a new year, and look at all the footprints in the snow of children and dog and skis and sleds.
 I think about what may or may not come to pass this year and how so much of it is beyond my grasp.....
                   except for one  small but monumental reality,my RESPONSE.

I hold out my hand with courage and HOPE beyond my own.

New things, shiny things, have a certain awkwardness that I am not sure I am ready to embrace, but tentatively I stretch out my hand to accept the one being offered in a truce like manner,and
I gratefully accept the chance to get up and TRY and hope my response will be worthy.

                I just love the Serenity Prayer ,but it really is 
 all about the last line....so I have this plaque on my wall as a reminder 
 where to find wisdom.

Thank-you Susan for the book you sent, and this bookmark, which I will treasure, with the serenity prayer on it.

still gratitude abounds here:
275-sleeping in,276-daughter's who want to read  Bible through this year,277-having a campfire with friends in our woods,278-turkey soup,279- a fun New Years eve,280-skating outdoors on New years eve and admiring the lights in the city,281-impromtu invitations, 282-generosity,283-watching Ground hog day with hubby and laughing at the absurdity,284-Divine protection,( I say this a lot because I mean it a lot!) 285-cross country skiing,286-staying up late,287-observing characteristics in my children that make me happy,288-learning to tell them,289-libraries to visit,290-organizing and decluttering,291-hanging up the new calendar.

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  1. I'm having flashbacks to a hockey game we attended a couple of years ago. Intense! We did have a great time, though. Love the way the word Response captures so much the way you communicate it here. Are you choosing a word for the year? Wondered if it's Response. Sure is a lot to ponder in that word.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...