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Monday, 14 January 2013

The Art Of Bread Making

I have always enjoyed baking. There is pure joy and satisfaction in mixing up simple ingredients and producing profound results.
No single ingredient is particularly wonderful all on it's own, but combined and baked together they can become a taste sensation!( Isn't this sort of like people? Many of us become better indviduals when others  bolster and encourage us to be all we can be!)

If perhaps you have never tried baking bread from scratch I thought I'd 'show ' you today...
in a large bowl, put;
4 cups water,(I use 2 cups boiling, and 2 cups cold)
 add 4 tblsp. oil (or shortening)
3 tblsp. sugar
3 tsp.salt
in a smaller bowl, put 4 to 6 cups of flour, and add 2 generous tablespoons yeast.( I use Fleishmanns instant yeast,this is the kind to mix with flour,not water)
Now add the flour and yeast mixture to water (which should still be warm)
Keep adding flour.(you may add wh. wheat flour here, ground flax or wheat germ etc.)The dough should be soft, not sticky, once you have enough flour.

 Dump out the dough onto a floured surface and knead.....
this is the fun part...:)
 a therapy of sorts...

I wonder if there would be
 world peace if everyone 
baked bread?

after all this...
place in bowl, cover and find a warm spot to let it rise.(i use my stove top if the oven is going)

           in an hour or two, it should look like this....

 here the dough goes back to the counter, and you cut four loves from it...

 place in greased pans and prick with fork...(to remove air bubbles)
(kids love this..)

here they are...
 tucked into their pans, ready to go back to the stove top to rise again!
(I cover them to keep warmth in,I use a plastic bag and then a tea towel)

                                      once the loaves have risen slightly higher than the pan , they are ready to bake.
Temperature really depends on your oven..350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 some minutes is a guideline.

now bake...oops no picture!
after you have removed them from the oven,butter the tops slightly and cool.

I've heard it said...if you're looking to sell your house. the smell of freshly baked bread will do it! 
(I wonder if it could also make them  want to keep it??)

          there you have it! Four delicious loaves, waiting to be sliced and 
                      enjoyed with butter, honey or cheese. 

In honor of my mother ( who taught me bread making) I want to include this verse.... I remember her reciting it on occasion.

                         Be gentle when you touch bread
                     Let it not lie uncared for--unwanted
                        So often bread is taken for granted
                     There is so much beauty in bread  
                       Beauty of sun and soil                 
                   beauty of honest toil.
                                Winds and rain have caressed it,
                   Christ often blessed it
                         Be gentle when you touch bread.

                                                                         (author unknown)


  1. Oh how yummy that looks! You are so amazing to make bread and then to share how to.
    It looks so good!
    Thanks for the recipe and the photos Lucy!
    Your home must smell delicious as the bread bakes!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  2. Lucy,
    I just love homemade bread. My sister used to bake it and we would all get a slice with butter when it came out of the oven. It was warm and yummy. This is such a nice verse about bread. Your kids must love their mom's homemade bread.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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