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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Winter Memoir


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The dusk had gathered like a curtain closing in the day. 
I realised my youngest was still outdoors somewhere in the clear,crisp edge of evening.
Thinking I should check on her I went to the door and called her name and asked  " Are you still out here somewhere?"
"Who me?" her voice echoing off the barn came back. "Yes,under the mulberry tree."
I closed the door and smiled. I couldn't call her in just yet, homework and piano practice would wait.

After all childhood is brief, and dreams must be dreamed when you're young, before they are buried by life, and it's constant demands,of purpose and duty and good, honest work.
I drift back to the innocent days of childhood.Oh how winter evenings would lure me out to experience their mesmerizing power. I remember the feeling of exhilaration as I coasted down the long hill in our field, and finally rolling off at the bottom I'd stare up at the star filled  heavens and wonder about life and meaning but not really caring too much... because my world felt  safe and happy here on this tiny piece of  earth.

There was a song waiting to be discovered deep inside of me....but for the moment it wasn't important because here on a snow covered hill staring up at a thousand twinkling stars, my life was significant and promising, and that was really all that mattered.
There was a delicious supper waiting for me inside,and siblings and parents who cared about me.

 Life was simple and unblemished as it should be.

                   And things looked ever so clear ...
            on a dark and frosty, starlit winter's night.

                   my younger sister and I.( I think I was  4)suddenly I feel very old:)

   Home is a starting place for dreams and love.

313-finally a decent cover of snow,314-reciting scripture we've memorised,315-skating together,316-floor shopping with hubby,317-fireplace fixed again,318-smoke alarm that woke daughter who woke us,319-baking,320-homemade soup,321-understanding sisters,322-patience beyond myself sometimes,323-trying to listen more,324-enjoying Love and Respect study together,325-prayer power,326-hugs ,327-hubby laughing insanely at Duck Dynasty,328-acceptance in the fact that we are very different,329-gratitude in that fact!330-winter clearance sales,331-Target and Starbucks coming soon,332-fruit that I canned in the summertime,333-seasons of life,334-health for so many of us,335-dreams,336-love in my heart ,337-tucking in kids at night,338-learning from my children,339-reading to them,340-antidote of that fresh winter air.


  1. It's a wonderful life isn't it Lucy?!
    Your memories are sweet and I can just imagine what your dear young daughter might be thinking of as God fills her with Who He is. So much wonder and awe in Him and His creation.
    You look adorable Lucy and your sister too! Sweet!
    Have a warm cozy day...its so cold here! ;)

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  2. Thanks Deborah,Love your thoughts.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...