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Monday, 28 January 2013

A Weekend's Offerings

It was a ,busy weekend here...but on Friday morning I enjoyed watching about 6 cardinals outside my window...looked so pretty with the snow.

did you know? 
Cardinals hold the standard for monogamy
among birds.Mates for life, they stay together year round,feeding and nesting up to four broods each season.
They are known for the harmony of their singing; one bird trilling a melody,which the other picks up and completes. (J L Turner)

Later I picked up my daughter. This is a good three to four hour trip all round, the roads were messy with snow so it took us at least that.
Always good to be home safely again.

Saturday was a blur of activity, but I managed a great ski out in the glorious sunshine. My oldest daughter and friend were on the ATV in our bush when they came across a herd of forty deer!!!!
Now where is a camera when you need it?

             I call this my retrospective view...
         I love skiing out to this spot and looking back. (that is our barn in the distance)
               I breathe the fresh air deeply  and simply thank God for life and His faithfulness,

Sunday; beautiful  frost decorated the trees outside our window, 
                  what a lovely scene to wake up to! 

When hubby came out to the barn later he found one of our ewes had  given birth to twins! Let's hope they survive....(raising sheep hasn't exactly been a breeze!)
                             here's a peek at them ( the photo is a little blurry but I thought this pose was so cute)

We did still make it to church...and later on we enjoyed skiing and then relaxing with friends.I love a rest from the usual race and routine on Sunday's, and relaxing with friends is a good way to do that!

cake anyone?

              I hope your weekend was sweet.
   Can you believe one month of 2013 is almost over?


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  1. Lucy what a sight to see those cardinals..so pretty ..and the backdrop of the snow makes their colourful red even more striking.
    Good for you...out there skiing...you go a fair distance..and with a thankful heart. ;)
    I know January is almost over....its our sons birthday today, and we're spending it celebrating. A good way to close off this month and open a new one, don't you think?
    Love & winter hugs to you my friend xoxo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxox


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