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Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Word For Your Weekend

       I love the word serendipity and I almost wish I had chosen it to be my word of the year.
It may have to be runner up to embrace. Better yet I will embrace serendipity,one of the treasures that disappear if I try too hard to find it...
I hope you follow me through the trees as I ski around our property.......


                       I came across this by accident the other day......
                                 rather serendipitously you might say...
                         then I remembered oh how I liked this word.....
                           even though the meaning is rather absurd.


                                 Because it can almost make my head spin
                                          as I try to convince myself within.

                               this thing serendipity; is something I crave,
                                but if I look too hard it will slip away.


                             So with a  dose of dreamers hope in sight
                           my heart knows everything will be all right.


                    Wishing you a serendipity filled weekend......

                               all photos taken here except top one was taken in TO.           


  1. What an unusual, yet awesome word!! It made me think of that old movie Serendipity with John Cusack. But then, scrolling through your pictures, not so much. Oh, I so get it now. We all need a little more serendipity. Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you ,Yes I do recall a movie like that...wishing you a blessed weekend also.

  2. Did you really ski through your property? How romantic...and the views are so calming and just 'life'. Serendipity is a favorite holiday movie in our home. We watch it every year, more than once!

    1. aww Kerrie thank you.I think I take it for granted sometimes.
      Oh I want to see that movie now!

  3. Gorgeous images, Lucy! I especially love the one with the houses and the hilly field in the foreground. 'Serendipity' does have a rather absurd meaning! Maybe, that's simply just part of its charm and the reason we are drawn to it, but still, does that mean that everything that we come across in life that ends up being great is serendipitous? Yeah, a little wacky, for sure!


  4. Your property is beautiful! And how wonderful to be able to ski on it during winter. My father-in-law and husband used to enjoy skiing like that at a local park when we'd get a lot of snow. Your comment on "look to hard and it will slip away" is so true.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...