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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fair Trade?



                             The encumbering winter boots will soon be flip flops...

                              The comfort of my sweater will be traded for the sun.

                             I'll leave this sheath of snow, for an endless scope of sand

                             I'll walk the waters edge with my sweetheart hand in hand...

                              The suns rays will immerse me, the sand will soothe me

                              I'll  leave my daily cares in search of pure respite.

                             And when of this calm oasis I've had enough

                                  I will return back  home to the life  I love....

hubby and I are leaving on a wee vacation....(along with some of his family...)

                     our children will have the opportunity to exercise their independence and responsibility, as they are staying home ...
                                   I have my apprehensions   suitcase packed and I am getting excited:)

                 God speed... I will see you soon~ Lucy.


  1. hope you have beautiful weather and a nice time. remind the kids we are a phone call away!

  2. Wishing you a very happy getaway with your sweetie. xo

  3. Ooooo...you're going somewhere warm. What a treat! Praying your time away is restful and restorative.

  4. Good for you Lucy! The kids will be fine;) Your photos are breath-taking. Here in Seattle we are experiencing a much warmer temps than usual and I'm concerned about the lack of snow.. It's one or the other I guess!

    Have a wonderful getaway! Safe travels.. leslie

  5. Oh how fun!!! Have fun Lucy!!!!
    A wee getaway in the midst of winter...how lovely!
    Your children will enjoy their independence too...fun for them too, although they'll miss you!
    Warm hugs! Enjoy!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  6. Have a wonderful and warm escape, my friend! You deserve some rejuvenating R & R! See you soon. Enjoy!!


  7. I hope you've been having a wonderful vacation, apprehension free:) I loved your poetic telling of your trip. Your photos of home now look similar to what we're seeing here. Snow is beautiful, but a warm break? Beautiful too! Blessings.


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