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Monday, 20 January 2014

Saturated In Serendipity

Continuing on here with a little more serendipity..... because it's a fun word to say and play with.....

it seems this thing serendipity is not as elusive as I first thought.....

 it's there in that rare blue pitcher found at the thrift store,
                                                                      that matches my bathroom perfectly....

    it's in appreciating the green of the ivy against the abstract world outside....

   or in that sprig of lavender you found in a cupboard and you tucked it there for now.....  


how about those antique salt and pepper holders which called your name while browsing one day........the comment made by a child that made you laugh because kids are just funny sometimes...

..(my youngest remarked when she saw these" oh you're being like grandma now....collecting all these salt and peppers:) My mom has an expansive salt and pepper collection...but I never thought of that when I purchased these!!

It's in that basket from a friend in Africa now, which still holds Christmas cards..... 

read this great idea somewhere....keep your cards out and randomly choose a card and pray for the sender....a good way to engage kids to pray and remember their family and friends.

It's in the echoes of summer that line the fruit cellar.....

and in the ready row of rubber boots in the mudroom closet...

Please accept my apologies serendipity.
 I didn't know it was you right here; disguised as my life.


  1. Oh my gosh, Lucy....your well stocked cellar is AMAZING. Look at all that WORK! You are an utterly amazing woman. Susan

  2. What a lovely tribute to your word of the week! And, to have found it in such interesting places, all around your home. Your fruit cellar is not only full of the fruits of your labour, but decorates and colours the space so happily, as do the cute galoshes or wellies, as the Brits say!


  3. Beautifully said and
    beautiful visuals to go
    along with your words.
    So nice to meet you--
    thank you for popping
    by, earlier : ) !!

    xo Suzanne

  4. You have loveliness all around your house, Lucy. I really admired your fruit cellar, and the lavender that is put into the white pitcher. What a special thing to take a card and pray for the sender. This is the nicest thing I've heard all day. I just love your posts, Lucy. You are a sweet blog friend to me.


  5. You have such a lovely home. I can tell you take good care and gather enjoyment out of these sweet elements.. That pantry is amazing. I agree with Sheri-what a special tradition with the cards.
    xx, Heather

  6. Hi Lucy, First time visiting! Wonderful post and narrative on Serendipity. It's the little things that we see and do each day that we find comfort .. and appreciate:) Your generous supply of canned goods is impressive! That's a lot of canning! The boot line up is so much fun. Stay warm and hope you enjoy your day! leslie

  7. yes! so good to see the serendipity all around. the little peeks can be my favorite. also, I'm in awe of your cellar!


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...