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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Keeping To the Page ( revised)


Sometimes  when I am reading a really good book I have succumbed to the temptation to skip to the end and find out what happens.

Not only does this lessen the desire to actually finish the book,it seems to somehow taint what I have already read thus far.

I was thinking about this recently as I contemplated the year before me, and the ones beyond- which loom almost threateningly over my head at times.
After all my youngest is eleven years old, which means there is a good probability that in less than ten years the proverbial nest will be empty. 

At times...the thought of this weighs my heart heavy with dread and uncertainty.A really, great way to ruin the story before me!

Then I remember what reading the ending before I've finished the                            book, has taught me......

After all I have very little control over HOW the AUTHOR has decided to end the story. My role is to keep to the page that I'm on ...read all that is there for me. Then when I've reached the last chapter and the mystery is no longer obscured....
 then I will revel in the story on the pages I have read.


      I have been knitting... a headband, plan to do another one today.
reading this....   finding much I can relate to. I am thankful for people who have the gift to write stories about everyday things in a unique style...  

looking at this....

What is on your page today?


  1. Lucy,
    This is such a nice post. And I smiled when you said that you want to skip to the end of the book sometimes because I want to do the same thing. But I guess we have to read it all, otherwise we would miss all the beauty in the middle, right? Your knitted headband is so pretty, and I have always thought it was a talent when one can knit or crochet.
    I have two funerals to go to this week (friend's moms) and your post was like a light on a dark day. Thank you.


  2. Oh, Lucy, you are such a sweet mommy, good friend, and I'm sure, wonderful wife. And, because you ARE all of these things, you will always be active in each role, whether it is from afar or near, because close, loving relationships don't depend on space, but time.

    Until then, keep to the page, bookmark it, and linger there, as long as you like.


  3. hello sweet friend!
    Those blankets look so cozy Lucy.
    I know the empty nest isn't easy for a mother's heart but he is always close and draws us even closer in those days.
    And He gives us sweet surprises and fills in those tender places with His love and gifts everyday.
    Very beautiful headband! I am busy with my needles too and I just love it!
    I love your view here and your view of life as He unfolds it before you.
    Love and warmest of hugs from here in the North xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxoxo

  4. My youngest turns 11 in a few months, so we're in similar seasons. I very much relate to you! I'm big on sneaking a peek at the end of a book because I want to enjoy the characters and setting and not just have my heart pounding with plot, distracted. I defend this by saying God tells us the end of the story in Revelation:) My page today, though, is still in the middle and I like the way you've presented the ideas and images to help me remember to enter into what's here now.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...