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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Keep The Wonder Alive

            It is now 2014. I leave behind what was, could have been, and should have been.
There is way too much to look forward to to waste energy looking back.
                                     Life is for living, dreams are for dreaming....

What is life without a dream? Some of my own may wait while I assist others  with theirs.
My daughter is dreaming of her wedding in a few short months.
I thought I became a mother yesterday...

Somehow dreams meld into years. Years of blessing and sacrifice and work. 
Work that pays off in ways that can not be measured. Work that is never done, but changes it's facade.
It waits, prays and hopes a lot. 
The dream is out of focus at times but it is always there. 
Shifting the perspective from regret to gratitude makes the difference.
Remembering it is in what we give that brings reward.


I have not decided on my word of the year yet....It will come. Good things take time.
I know this year will move me and bring change like no other has yet. 
Like every year I will mourn it's departure when it slips away.


But I am determined to notice it. I will feel it. All of it's wonder will seep into me, and I will be amazed! There will be no old experiences. Wonder will be reborn, whether it is in a flower or a sunset. In laundry or lunches, smiles and waves, aches and tears, beauty abounds....

              I hope you see it too, wherever you turn.....

                       Accept the inevitable, believe the impossible,
                          wonder at the ordinary. love, Lucy~




  1. The photos, picture, and words are all poignant. I especially like the photo of you by the waves. I've been missing so much in the blogging world that I'd missed you have a daughter getting married. Congratulations! What a lot to hold. I will look forward to hearing your word when it arrives:)

  2. Dear Lucy,

    As always, your words are eloquent, inspiring and hopeful. Your observation: 'Accept the inevitable, believe the impossible, wonder at the ordinary.', is particularly insightful, and I will try to abide by such a notion this new year.

    Wishing you the very best in 2014. You surely have wonderful things on the horizon.


  3. That was a lovely post, Lucy. I could not believe you have a daughter about to marry. You are so young to have a daughter old enough! Or at least you LOOK young! Good for you.

    Hope your year brings you oodles of happiness. Susan

  4. Thank you Amy, Poppy and Susan. God is good.
    Susan, I replied on your blog.
    It's such a blessing to have met you all through this....
    May 2014 brim bright!!

  5. Such a beautiful combination of photos and words. Blessings to you in 2014 (and I'll look forward, along with my mom, to hearing your word :)

  6. What a lovely post this is, Lucy. I think I liked everything about it. And that picture of you looking at the ocean - it should be framed. Your yellow flowers are so pretty. Oh, how I remember those months before my daughter's wedding - so much planning and preparing. May God give you peace during this time, and I am anxious to see pictures of the wedding day. That picture of the little girl's reflection in the mirror made my heart melt.

    Have a good week.




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