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Monday, 6 January 2014

Escape To The Castle

                                             So we visited this castle yesterday. 

After watching almost all three seasons of Downton Abbey in two weeks it seemed  rather synonymous. I know, I am a little "behind the times" but finally after hearing a lot of people raving over this series I bought them for Christmas and have been smitten.

   The writing, acting, humour, wit and setting are beyond anything I have watched.
 Yes, did you notice I am smitten. :)    ( I am not excusing the obvious spoilers which seem mandatory in films, they do however leave lessons behind that we can learn from...)                     

 The castle was the big finish to our Christmas holidays.
( well actually today was a snow day but we didn't know that yesterday)

                                                                          the conservatory...
                                                                                This castle named Casaloma is in the heart of Toronto, where my second girl is living for a year. 

                                         up in the tower looking at the city.....

                                          elegance exudes...
                                             .I kept looking for lady Mary...
                                                     not your average bath...


This castle which includes a secret passage way and underground tunnel to stables is the epitome of any dreamers imagination. 


It was quite interesting to visit this grandeur and ponder how different lives were and how very much the same they were.



We visited this castle yesterday. We pretended we were there......
Then we drove back through a snowy winter wonderland to our little home here in reality.

                                                   almost home....

                          Have you visited a castle lately?


  1. Wow that is amazing. I have never visited a castle. This one is truly beUtiful. I have been a Downton Abbey fan from the very beginning. I even cried a few times last night the first episode of Season 4. My Hubby likes it too and bought all seasons so we rewatched them during summer. Stay warm.

  2. Thanks Kerrie, yes the castle was amazing!!!
    (I love that your hubby like mine also enjoys watching Downton.)
    I will somehow have to purchase season four .(we don't have cable here so we can't get the channel)
    Almost all of us here have loved it!

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Casaloma, our one and only castle, is a beautiful architectural gem of a building! Have been several times and each time I am amazed at something I had missed on prior visits. Elegance, finery and history always draw me back.



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