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Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Word of the Year

           courage                  consider                           strong

                                               stretch                      wonder  

                                                    believe           listen                            


                  ~~  Embrace ~~
 to hold someone in your arms as a way of expressing love or friendship
to accept (something or someone) readily or gladly
 to use (an opportunity) eagerly

so many words. so very hard to choose, but I have  decided it will be embrace.

when I chose this word I was simply thinking about the most common definition of this word;
to hold close in a hug......something I am making a more resolute decision  to do, especially with my oldest two girls.
At times I feel like there is so little I can do for them, as they navigate their dreams and I wonder if they have surpassed my sphere of influence...(I know this isn't all bad.) 
it's strange  to feel like a spectator at times and wonder what is all going on inside that isn't being verbalised. 

I will hug them more, hold them close and listen to what is and isn't being said.  My care will be there in an embrace, that holds tenderly and then lets go.

Then I study the word more closely and see how it means to include and accept....
that was the moment I knew this was 'my word'....

here are a few things I hope to include a little more of in 2014...

God's word......while this is a part of my life almost daily...I would like to get MORE out of it...I have been especially convicted lately how easily I can sit down at the computer and how difficult it seems to get into the Word.

my bed...earlier! (Hubby and I both tend to be night owls but this is not a great presidence to set to our kids or ourselves!)

Gratitude again daily....thankfulness doesn't just happen, it is cultivated.

Laughter.....it is good for the soul.

So my word is chosen and the rest is left to experience. Come with me? 
I sure would love your company.....

                   Don't fear change, rather embrace it.



  1. Lucy, 'embrace' is such a multifaceted word, which encompasses so much of what I, myself, have tried to do the past year, with several changes taking place in my life, some purposefully, others out of my control. In any event, embracing one's present existence, the changes that may follow, as well as the changes that have occurred, can only lead to a smooth transition, made less rocky and more paved.

    Your one word for the year, and your presentation of it, has already cleared the way.


  2. Love it! I'd wondered what word you chose. Now I know:) So very good.


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...