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Friday, 21 December 2012

Giving;The Best Gift Ever


"IT IS MORE BLESSED TO GIVE ,THAN TO RECEIVE,." I heard that countless times throughout my childhood, as my parents did everything they could to impress on  myself and my nine other siblings the real meaning of Christmas,and the joy that is found in giving small, but ever so meaningful gestures, and tributes of love and appreciation.
 Back then I knew it was true, but I could not convince myself it was more FUN to give than to receive.

Time has a way of making things clearer, and life comes around full circle I have found. Despite my resolve to not include  certain service people this year, due to incidences or situations that I don't necessarily agree with, I could not keep myself from recanting -because I KNOW now...it really is more blessed to give than to receive.
(Thank-you Mom and Dad)
So here I am last evening and this morning rushing around to make cookie plates and package up homemade bread....
and here I am this morning, wiping away silly tears as I wave to our bus driver after my daughter hands him the package and I watch him accept our small token of Christmas love.

251-a light covering of snow, 252-child thanking Him 253- a wonderful little Christmas concert last evening,254-safety on the slippery roads,255-baking closer to done, 256-done shopping,257- the clean smell of bleach, 258-horse shed finished!! 259-for the girl who cut my husbands hair although their was a misunderstanding about the time,260-healthy children,261-lunch with my friend,262-neighbour finally has the pins removed from her pelvis and can stand up after 3 months,263-heaven; for that beautiful seventeen year old girl killed in a car accident,264-prayers and support for the family,265-bread baking,266-sweet potatoes,267-lunch with mother-in-law,268,kissing hubby good-bye every morning,269-hubby kissing me when he comes home,270-children's excitement,272-Christmas light glow.

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