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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

My Week So Far...

                  This angel plays Jesus Loves Me...a gift from a coworker, years ago,
                                      I still pull it out every Christmas.....


So even now as we weep, and our tears know no end.
We hold out a candle of Hope
Because one day our sorrows will cease,
And we will dance with the angels.
 ( this was written a few days ago, as I thought about the latest tragedy ,
                  and how I want my faith to override my fears.)

Christmas preparations are happening in all shapes and sizes....
My oldest is home from college for Christmas break and I enjoyed shopping a little with her on Monday, yesterday was busy with baking and school activities and then last evening we had a Mom and daughter shopping trip.( I'm shopped out by the way!) I wish I would of had my camera to take a picture of us on the bench waiting.
 I sat there first, as I waited for my oldest with her two younger sisters, soon they sauntered past as I was quite enjoying my people watching or should I say boot watching,( so fun to see all the different boots out there.) Eventually my second daughter ( the fashionista in our family)came along, and we chatted and laughed together. So special, as it really is a rare occurrence to all be together in one place. 
Today I met with a dear lady I met seven months ago in the spring. My husband and I had gone to look at a motorcycle(that's another story for another time...)While I was admiring this ladies flower beds, she came over and we started a conversation and soon discovered we had similar interests. Their was such a grace and cordiality about this person as she took me around her charming  yard and house. When we sat down on her comfortable deck with a glass of ice tea and began talking about books, I had a knew we were kindred spirits.We didn't buy the motorcycle, but I came home with the knowledge I had a new friend. We have been updating each other through emails, and today we met again in person. Four hours later and almost forgetting to actually order lunch, we parted; she driving west, and I east,to our respective  homes and families.

 I really believe friends are like a beautiful patchwork quilt, each one bringing such beauty and joy in a real and wonderful way, that we know we could never part with it but treasure and repeat the meaning that each patch (or friendship) holds to us.

Later after school my daughter wanted to make truffles. The easiest recipe ever.......
crush 36 oreos, add 1 brick of cream cheese that has been whipped...(thanks Janet)
she had fun mixing and realizing we had used too small a bowl so let's just say a few truffles came off the floor, but we tried to use the ten second rule.Dip in melted chocolate after chilled.

All's well that ends well, and my house is quiet as the other members here are away enjoying other activities(except for my son who is on the couch not feeling well)I pray it won't last long....
as the momentum picks up to what is waiting; just around the corner.....

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