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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Never This Again

please listen to the song...


I realise I am probably more sentimental than I should be....
but when it dawned on me that today is 12-12-2012, that after midnight tonight this day will be history and there will never be another repetitive day like 12-12-12, something in me wanted to hold on. I wanted to stop time for a few more precious moments, because in life's circle, moments and days seem to pass by and I don't want to miss them  because I was too busy to notice the glistening promise.

It's like when I hold a newborn baby and I know that in a blink this child will grow, stretch and fly.
 I want to hold, hold and hold this time.
My youngest offered her condolences "in eighty-nine years will be the next one she said 01-01-01. I'll be ninety-nine she announced'.

Innocent words that play on my subconscious feelings.

"This day is a gift," I say to myself with firm resolve. 
I will cherish this day, because truth be told their are no second chances on any given day.
All I can do with a gift is open it with awe and full awareness of the Giver's intent. A gift should be cherished and remembered with fondness and love.

Exactly what I want to do with this day.

                         (photo credits to my daughter here)

221-Christmas shopping,222-realising simplicity is beautiful,223- knowing some traditions must be kept,224-daughter liking her job,225-packing lunches each morning,226-that red sun setting outside my window,227-baking cookies for the prison ministry,228-delicious soup made by a friend,229-attending that spectacular Christmas music production,230-supper after with good ,old friends,231-seeing the affection as my mother-in-law says good-bye to her sister-in-law she was visiting,232-knowing all people need and are capable of giving and receiving love,233-the journey of mother/daughter relationship, 234- feeling so blessed but sometimes inept to raise them,235-knowing God will provide wisdom,236-TRUST,237- GRACE -238-HOPE always,239-girls making gifts,240-the ahhh moment when a truth sinks in, 241, that red sun rising outside my window, 242-the ability to help needy people,243,liking the way the railing looks decorated,244-a brisk walk with a friend, 245- a listening ear, 246-sympathies of friendship,247-finishing knitting hat,248-daughter making card for a friend,249-living day by day in His presence,250-on line shopping,251-the beauty of symmetry .


  1. Lovely song, I like your daughters pictures too.

  2. I want to hold, hold and hold this time too. So much. What great photos your daughter took! Express your heart well, I can tell. Blessings.


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