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Friday, 14 December 2012

Forever Praise

        You're the Hope in a new sunrise,
         breaking over our desperate lives.
                   (Sanctus Real)

Oh God, when I consider how you hold this great ,big earth
And yet you are the One that gives our lives their worth.
There is so much that we can only begin to understand,
And yet you give us grace as we fumble through this land.

I'm so sorry for the times, when I think that I can do it on my own.
 'Cos Lord I know that it is pride, and not your righteousness I've shown.
You take away the dark, when you give us light.
You make daybreak, from a curtain of night.

The seas rage on by Your control,
And yet You care about each lonely soul,
So Father please extend your love
And your long arm of mercy from up above.

Our lives are vapor, that you have ordained.
To believe we are more, is foolish and vain.
Forever I'll be, here at your feet
As I sing, live and love until one day we meet.

This morning for devotions we read Job 38. The enormity and power of God suddenly overwhelmed me, as I pondered His greatness
 and the heavens up above.


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