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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Snow Angel Sentiments

                              please listen to the music....

                                   So,somewhere between

snow angels....

                                      and sand castles...

                                      You grew up.

     You're out there now and all I can do is cover you with prayer.

              And yes, somewhere between piano lessons ...

                               and horseback riding,

                               The girl became a woman.

                  Time is precious ,and oh so fleeting
             When you're young. And days are minutes 
                         That stretch on forever it seems.
                                           You grew up. 

                          Found wings and flew,

                 And I'm here thinking about snow angels.

My oldest daughter is nineteen. She is only a couple hours away; at school and she does come home most weekends. This post is about her... and was 
inspired by watching a sweet ,little girl at our school  make a snow angel.She was wearing a pink snowsuit and her eyes were crinkled into half moons as she innocently transported me to another time and place.....

                               This was taken a few months ago.

                                   image from here

                           God gave us memories so that we may 
                          have roses in December.
                                       ( J.M. Barrie)


  1. Oh Lucy, I know how you feel now that your daughter is growing up. When Nel first moved out, it was such a hard time. The pink roses are lovely, and the Mary statue even more beautiful. We have so many memories with our kids, and I feel that you are such a dear mom that they will always remember them. Have a sweet Monday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. This really touched me. My oldest daughter turns 16 in a few weeks, and I'm struggling a bit. When you like them so much, not just love them, it makes it hard to share them with the independent journey they begin to take.

    1. When you like them so much, not just love them...it isn't easy letting them go. I have always had a hard time with that. I will be remembering you in my prayers ,Amy.Sixteen is a milestone and independence beckons but God is faithful through each and every stage I have found. Hugs my friend...


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