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Friday, 21 December 2012

My Feathered Nest In Fine Form

It's time for Feather My Nest Friday,so today I'd like to share my study/ piano/sitting by the laptop room.
yes, I have a white couch with five children. It isn't spotless ,
                                                         but I'm okay with that.

                 this trunk I treasure, it belonged to my husband's grandmother.
                   I have it filled with photo albums.

     my kids play piano here.... five kids have had lessons on this piano. I love to hear them play .(most days) Lately Christmas carols have filled this room.



                                   this light was salvaged from a dump...

             This is where I read and write....

              I fell in love with these drapes when I saw them.
                     They add just that touch of glam which I like.

 This room has a story; like many rooms do, the floor we changed shortly after we lived here. I sold flowers from my garden and then a wood stove to be able to afford it at that time.  The piano was also purchased by saving money in a tin for a few summers of selling birdbaths.
The couch has a bit of a story as I saw it advertised in the newspaper and liked it. I thought it fit perfectly into my then Victorian themed, wallpapered ,living room. After I tired of that; I planned to get rid of it and purchase more contemporary furniture.
 Somehow it took on a new look (or was it me) when I  painted the room a brown colour a few years ago. Now my strong feelings of either like or dislike for the couch have dissolved into a sort of passive oblivion.
 Time will tell how long it remains a stoic member of this family.

Thank-you for visiting, I hope you had a cup of tea in your hand,
and warm, happy thoughts in your heart and home.


  1. Hi Lucy...Everything looks cozy. I love the couch! Just my style. I love anything Victorian.

    Soooo glad the book finally got there!

    Hope your Christmas sparkles! Susan

    1. Thank-you,Susan,for your comment and the book . I have just started it..
      May your Christmas sparkle as well.


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