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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Traditions To Remember

Every December for about the last ten years, the small school my children attend from kindergarten to grade six puts forth a big effort to treat our teachers, bus drivers and custodial staff to a turkey dinner complete with trimmings.
My contribution for the last seven years or so has been the mashed potatoes. My trusty  potato peeler gets a good workout peeling sixty pounds of potatoes and then cooking and mashing them with milk and of course butter.
'Many hands make light work' and this is always a great prelude to Christmas as everyone is glad to join in and celebrate the festive occasion.

here are a few pictures...                  some of the potatoes.. big pots are great :)

serving hands...

my youngest enjoying her lunch.(one more year and she will be out of this school)

the tree with food bank donations...
I want to close with a wonderful excerpt from June Masters Bacher. In a down to earth manner  she describes how important these things we do each and every year are...

'Last year you said you would have a sensible Christmas- no muss no fuss- just a nice, quiet day."after all Dad's getting a little too old to keep up with the freeway traffic' said Grandma.Well, we're not going there said daughter,"It's too much taking the packages, cribs, training seats-" Then there's decorating, baking, shopping....The entire family agreed that this year would be different.
But something happens.Both sets of grandparents change their minds. One pair wants you there; the other is coming by plane.The children get to work pasting colored chains and stringing popcorn.

Something inside you sings a carol and you thank God that the children gave you an excuse to go on with Christmas.and you work without protest on what you knew you'd be unable to resist all along.There is a need for 'roots' at Christmas- a need to seek out those we love on earth, and a need to engage in something tangible to represent the heart expanding Love within  us that God placed there that first Christmas.
So here you are baking, your hands are pricked by holly.The windows are sticky with peppermint fingerprints.It will take weeks to clean up the mess! Utility bills soar and then there's the credit card!

But here you are together: laughing, loving, pushing, shoving making plans for the snack after Christmas Eve service.
You have made the pilgrimage safely; you have reached the roots of joy; for,above the happy commotion, you hear an angel choir. 
        You're home for Christmas once again.


  1. Now ...this....is Christmas.;)
    Love that you share your time and helping hands for this special time at the school.
    And I'll be home for Christmas from family members is music to our ears \0/
    Christmas hugs

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  2. 60 lbs! You're my potato peeling hero. I think mashed potatoes might be very tip top favorite food:) What a wonderful tradition you all have here.


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