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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Focusing Forward

                                                  Help me hold on while I let go,
                                             Heart don't break the memory flow.
                                                   Help me surrender,without giving up
                                                As I hold out life's transient cup.
                                            Help me keep my weary eyes peeled
                                      To the horizons beyond,which will be revealed. 
                                                Help me breathe HOPE,over what's here;
                                            The vast unknown, and tenacious fear.
                                                    Help me hold on ,while I let go
                                            Heart don't break the memory flow. ~L`M~

           some day we will dance with the angels...
             my heart was with anyone grieving today.


  1. Wow Lucy. Those were great photos. Did you take them? Thanks for your visit and comment. I appreciated both. Susan

  2. Thanks Susan, not sure but I think my son took these photos..We all take so many and they end up on the computer. I like them too.


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