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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Urging April

APRIL,you  summon spring like no other month can,eventually spring  relents to your winsome ways.

April,no fooling around please
for I am earnestly waiting  warmer weather to engage  in nature's serenade,and coax the grass toward green.
                                                           viaPicking Spring flowers

April showers,you bathe my spirit and refresh my soul, as first signs of life pushing upward,cause tingling elation.

April's breezes, so perfect to dry lines of flapping clothes and 
fervent farmers' fields.

Oh yes April, you are welcome here. I salute your winning charms and I feel honored to be privy to your secrets. 

a little ditty to express how patient I am being as I wait...:))                                      

   this picture was taken on the weekend.we had a few days of sun and warm temperatures. It didn't take my girls long to haul out the chairs and get comfy...but that was then..
now it is back to cold winds...

487-Easter:the TRUTH,488-long bike ride on the weekend,489-rains washing the world,490-birthday cards,491-personality differences,492-clothes line,493-trampoline jumping,494-plans for summer,495-shopping at Target,496-good days with my kids,497-prayers prayed and answered,498-waiting without waning.499-smiles from strangers,500- fun friendships.

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  1. Oh I know Lucy....I'm coaxing spring too!
    Looks warmer than here ;)
    So good that your children took good advantage of the sun!
    Love to you !!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo


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