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Saturday, 13 April 2013

View From An Ice Storm

When I wake up and realize the house is dark,and that the automatic coffee perk is not bubbling its usual brew,the furnace is silent, not radiating warmth, I decide there's nothing like crawling back into a warm bed, pulling the covers high and waiting for the storm to pass.
My youngest see this as an opportunity for adventure, and I hear them scuttle back and forth as they decide to have breakfast in bed.Eventually I join the rest of my world, we snap pictures, call a few people to make sure they're okay, and hunker down for an impromptu,pioneer style day.

The world seems stunted into silence when there is no electricity.
I talk about this with the kids as we eat eggs and toast.(thanks to a gas stove)
"It seems like I can't do anything", one says.
"Yes", I say "we are hanging by a thread it seems."I think to myself it's scary how fragile that thread feels at times. How life comes to a grinding halt when there's no electricity.
"But God has promised He'll take care of us", my son says
"Yes", I respond quietly. "He has".

It is good to ponder how glibly I live at times. It is good to gather round a table with my children and burn candles with conversation that seems so minuscule but ever so deep. I don't know what any of them will live to see, nor how many technological advances will be made, but for now I am grateful for time spent together during an ice storm commiserating, appeasing and appreciating.

   the clothesline, ensconced 
Today this area was hit with a huge ice storm causing wide spread power outages, ours came back on ,but some people are still out almost 24 hours later...

518- shelter from the storm,519-happy kids, 520-prayers for others still out,521-electricity every other day,522-feet running down the hall,523-the Holy Word,524-safety out tonight,525-watching an amusing play,526-reading poetry with the kids while power was out,527-cleaning my kitchen cupboards earlier this week,528-the unknown,( so good we can't see around the bend.)529-sharing our space today.

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  1. This is a reminder of why I wish we had a gas stove! Glad your power did come back on before too long. Love winter, but enough! Come on Spring!


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