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Monday, 29 April 2013

Here We Are Already


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Yes, time flies
Things change.                                                                         
Life can blur
Right on the page.

We're a dot
A speck in time.
Risking all
For a dime.

Keep the Faith,
Don't give up
Make great memories
From every drop.

Sing out loud
Thank God you're free
Hold loves hand
While you dance with me.

Because time flies,
Things change.
Life can blur
Right on the page.

A new week is here ready for the taking.  April will soon be no more than a dot on the page.Don't the months seem to fly by even more as we are older and children become 
replicates of us, even though we've willed them not to.
I hope you had a good weekend. The weather was beautiful here.
Sandals appeared,my girls found their flip flops....backyard trampolines were bouncing with kids high on spring fever energy.

Hope your week is off to a pleasant start.... 

the chives in my herb garden are coming along nicely...also mint and a few things that will surprise me...I tend to forget what I've planted  sometimes,so I look forward to being surprised:)

hubby picked up 25 new laying hens for me...
so I'm looking forward to an abundance of eggs....

(I hope I haven't turned you off of eating eggs)

dead things are being removed,
      empty things 
                are waiting

            to be filled.

I head out in my trusty garden shoes....

                         with hope in every step...

555-chickens &eggs,556-watching Les' Miserables..(WOW and WOW)557-Grace and it's awesome power,558-a relaxing Sunday afternoon,559-baptism service at our church,560-walking with friend on Saturday,561-praying for difficult situation she is in,562-wedding invitations...563-laughing at this,,my youngest says"it smells like wet water in here:)


  1. I just love that poem. So beautiful. Happy planting! xo

  2. Lucy,
    Yes, it's already May tomorrow! When my kids were young, we used to have a trampoline, and they would spend so much time jumping on it during the summer months. That was some of their best times.

    Oh, wouldn't that be nice to have fresh eggs? You must enjoy them with each breakfast served.



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