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Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Kitchens Spring Clean

These last few weeks as time permitted I've been spring cleaning my kitchen.
Such a great feeling to clean and organize cupboards,wash curtains and windows to give this busy space, some needed attention.

                                       this past winter ...
when we put in our new floor I switched the table around,I like the symmetry with the window this way...so simple! why didn't I do this long ago?Now the first thing people say is " You switched your table." (Yes, AND we changed the floor:)

Yes, the kitchen IS the heart of the home....so much happens here. Love and it's labours are poured out here. It welcomes us with it's cozy charms after a long day.
As I thought about the kitchen being the heart 
I decided the heart is like the kitchen as well. 
The heart is central to the body and all we do, see, and hear is filtered through this main corridor.
 Quiet reflections and boisterous gatherings, love and it's expressions or anxiety and strife can take up residence in this chamber which is ours to design.
         and this angle..I'd LIKE a stainless steel refrigerator someday, but I know there are more      important things in life than having matching appliances....RIGHT?

I take care of my kitchen, cleaning up at the end of a busy day spent  making meals to serve my family and friends.
My heart needs cleaning up too at times...it can feel cluttered with unnecessary items that don't benefit anyone. 


So as I clean up my kitchen and admire it's quiet charm, I pray for a heart that matches in perfect symmetry.


544-clean kitchen at present,545-beautiful messes,546-daughter home again,547-rhubarb pie...so good,548-watching the Bible on DVD,549-memories always being made,550-great day shopping in Toronto on the weekend,551-riding my bike again,552-cleaning up yard,553-daughter's who encourage me,554-spring arriving ever so slow but sure....


  1. Lucy, I have enjoyed spending a little time here this morning. I agree with your thoughts about the kitchen being the heart of the home...and I love your analogy between the kitchen and the heart!

    Happy birthday to your daughter! And happy 20-years-of-being-a-mother to you!

  2. What a wonderful space to prepare and enjoy nourishment! Liked seeing the peek here. We also changed the direction of our table not long ago, and it did make a difference in a good way:)

  3. Your kitchen looks warm and cozy and I know your heart is much the same. An inviting, welcoming tender place to come.
    Bless you my friend!
    Feels so good to clean in the spring doesn't it?! Good for you!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  4. The kitchen certainly is the heart of the home. It does feel marvelous to get every thing cleaned and organized - your kitchen has a lot of wonderful cabinetry - beautifully set - you just never know how or when you may be blessed with a stainless steel refrigerator - I always wanted a double oven and happened upon one at an estate sale that had never been used - such a blessing! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...