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Friday, 7 June 2013

A Bicycle Built For Two ..

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   I have always loved riding my bicycle. Jumping on it and pedalling like the wind is good form of exercise,but also a sure way to reduce stress.Riding my bike makes me happy.                                                                   

My hubby likes riding his bike too.I  believe he has much the same reasons as I do...the only difference ...his bike has a motor.

Four years ago when oldest daughter was acquiring her license to begin driving. My husband; acting on a whim, which is strangely out of character for him, got his bike license. Following up with a course in actual riding,he was well on his way to conquer some of the curiosity and interest motorcycles had become for him.
 A couple of his brothers own a motorbike so it wasn't a complete surprise for me,but I'll admit I teased him a little about having a midlife crisis as a few others did. But being the good natured sport that he is,he wasn't too upset.

So back then I bought myself some time, to get used to this idea.Our kids were younger  and I was not comfortable leaving them at home alone while we leisurely toured around.(We didn't own a  motorcycle but a friend of my hubby's kindly lent his to use, when my hubby wanted to get out and ride.)

Well somehow three summer's slipped by, and one day a year ago as I was making the drive to pick up my daughter I felt strongly that God was telling me to acquiesce and give him the  approval (or blessing) on purchasing a motorbike.
Let the fun begin...
 I knew this would be a process.... he does his research and is informed.He also has a budget and will stay within it.He turns decision  making into a fine art.  I know this trait is a strength, but it has at times tested my patience.

About one year ago he found the perfect bike advertised,so after arranging a time with the owner  to see it, we were told that it had sold after all..(we were told it had sold than the owner changed his mind and was going to return it but at the last minute kept it anyhow!) So after chatting with the owner and thinking the good one get away,hubby resumed his search.But to no avail...although ( this is where the story gets interesting for me:) One  day a couple weeks after losing the deal on the other bike, we set out to check on another one a few hours away.
It was a fine spring day, we dropped the youngest kids off at my sister's and headed out on our date.

 We pulled into the driveway of a very quintessential home and yard.Love and attention to detail was evident as the gentleman unlocked the door of his shed and proceeded to show my husband the bike. 
Feigning interest for a little I was soon drawn to the exquisite gardens around the house. While I was admiring them,the lady of the house came out to greet me. After exchanging a few pleasantries she cordially invited me to join her on the back porch where she had been reading.Doing so, she asked if I'd like a glass of ice tea,(by this time I would of expected no less...it was that perfect!)

A shady nook.. in an old cottage...maybe somewhere in the Italian countryside, with a cup of summer ice-tea and a conversaation with someone who 5 minutes ago used to be a stranger.
 We proceeded to share with each other our love of reading and it took very little time to realise we not only liked the same books,but so many other interests as well including our faith,home and family.My heart was warmed and encouraged by the gentle, yet candid way this lady spoke, and although no deal was reached on the bike, I left knowing I had found a kindred friend and that to me was worth so much more!

We stay in touch via email and have gotten together for coffee,meeting halfway. I talked about it here.

                               So finally.... hubby bought a bike last fall! and believe it or not..... it turned out to be the original very first one he had wanted but had gotten away!
(turns out the buyer rode it for a season and sold it)

This whole ordeal was so profound to me! 
If hubby would have got the bike the first time...
Mynie and I would never have met.... 
What we perceive as a NO sometimes is really only a wait in God's time. He is the one who works out the kinks and it is our job to trust Him to be able to do it.


Here we are ready to ride away...I can't resist glancing back where a piece of my heart forever will stay.But marriage is a merging of means and mode,praying in this new venture as I hold on for dear life.

Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes
                  the ride worthwhile.


  1. A few decades ago, my husband acquired a motorcycle as well. He wasn't really looking for one, but his good friend needed money to buy an engagement ring, so DH bought his bike to help him out. Interest in the bike lasted about a season. Interest in the fiancée was shorter! But "the guys" are still in touch and life has worked out well for both of them. :)
    I enjoyed your tale of your new friendship entwined in your post!

  2. I love the way that worked out! Sometimes, a disappointment eventually leads to the absolutely perfect solution! It was waiting there all along.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week,



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