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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Practically Perfect Purple

Purple is a colour I avoided for a long time. I am not sure why, exactly, but purple and I had had a rocky relationship. I felt guilty sometimes for not really liking purple.  Almost as guilty as when I admitted to someone once that the hymn How Great Thou Art isn't one of my favourites,( like it is for many people.)

 Purple; I know royalty and regal attire.Somehow that just wasn't enough to change my jaded heart.
I knew it was time to reconcile, and slowly I have been embracing the purple in my world.
                                            new purple sheets for my girls new single beds...

And suddenly this week I had all these visitors showing up. They were purple. They were beautiful!
I knew as I stood and gazed in awe at the profusion of purple in my perennial border, that I had been reformed!

Purple your persistence has paid off. Please accept my apologies for taking SO long to appreciate you.

 I am sure you know that some things in life can take a really LONG time. But when it happens,when you see the fruition of toil, waiting, hoping, trusting, believing and never giving up.

You see the purpose for the purple in your life ; and you see the beauty.

         to everything there is a season...and a time to every
                               purpose under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

(oh and I must add I am also appreciating the hymn How Great Thou Art as I 
marvel at the beauty all around us....)

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  1. Oh Lucy, guess what? PURPLE IS MY VERY FAVORITE COLOR! I have loved it for many years. How could one not love this color when looking at your gorgeous flowers? I was, in fact, going to do a purple post soon. I'm glad you have embraced PURPLE. It says, "thank you."


  2. Gorgeous garden you have! Love all the color and I have been enjoying a little purple (lavender!) recently too:)


  3. Lucy, one of my good friends loves the color purple...even her front door is purple! I have no purple in my decorating, but I have a few dark purple (I like to call it "eggplant" ~smile~) pieces in my wardrobe.

    I am also in the (very small) club of those who do not care for the song "How Great Thou Art." I have never heard anyone else say that...you have given me the boldness to confess. Actually, it's not the words that I don't like (they are wonderful!)...it's the tune. :)

  4. Hi Lucy,

    I am so pleased that your purple pretties brought you such peace and joy!! I know a few people who feel as you did regarding this misunderstood hue! Perhaps one peek at your perfect perennials would have made colour converts of them for good!


  5. I am surrounded by a daughter who loves purple and a mother and sister who do too! I loved it as a young girl ;) My Momma even bought me a velvety purple coat that I loved when I was young...fond memories ;)
    Its not my favourite colour right now, but I do love things that are purple. Does that make sense? Lol
    I love lilacs and other flowers that I see in shades of purple.
    Your blooms are lovely and your girls bedsheets too!
    Hope you have a great weekend Lucy!
    My hubby is working on my shabby shed and I am helping in little ways that I can ;)
    Love & hugs!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo


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