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Monday, 10 June 2013

Beautiful Contrasts

                   A bit of my black and white weekend.....

                            it seemed to jump out everywhere....



It was a gorgeous weekend weather wise.....perfect for gardening, weddings or stone picking in the corn field....

My husband has been suffering a little with a major back ache this past week. We hoped it would leave as mysteriously as it came, but it hasn't yet.
 The good in it is the friends that came to help with the stone picking and for more friends and prayers...

    we lit a few Chinese lanterns and let them drift off into the dark......

        seasoned love..                                             young love.....



                   Black and white contrasts.... love and letting go,
sunny Sundays and rainy Mondays ...     beauty in the bittersweet.

counting my way to 1000...
604-celebrations,(Katrina's prom)605-weddings,(Luke& Leanne)606-June,my favourite month,607-sermons that make you think,608-kids that make me laugh,609-watching the Chinese lanterns drift off that we lit after stone picking.610-thoughtful friends who brought them,611-white laundry,612-the instant relaxation rain provides,613-the way hard times can bring us closer,614-clean floors for a spell,615- burning garbage,616-band aids,617-daughter making chicken quesadilles,618-sunshine suddenly.

                            I hope you have a fabulous week....
            please stop by again soon:)


  1. Isn't it fascinating how color can become a theme that jumps out at us?! I just gave a black and white gift to a friend Saturday night—the box of tea, silver tea bag squeezer, and black covered book all encouraged me to use a black and white gift bag. I especially like your seasoned and young love photos:)

  2. Except for your hub's back ache, it sounds like a perfect weekend, Lucy. Loved the photos. Susan

  3. Thanks Amy and Susan,yes it was!

  4. Your photos, with the black and white theme, are great!

    What is stone picking, I have never heard of it?

    I am following you now on Bloglovin.

    Have a happy week. xo

  5. Hi Sheri,
    stone picking is something farmers do after the crop is out and still not too tall,simply picking up rocks that have been unearthed and could damage equipment at harvest time.It can be labourious esp..depending on the land...

  6. The cows are so sweet, Lucy. I can just imagine looking across from my home and seeing them in the fields. I have seen these Chinese lanterns before all lit up floating across the waters. I am wondering if this is a tradition of theirs?

    I really liked all your photos today in black and white colors.



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