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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Precious Words

Words,only words, oh the damage that they do.
How often I have uttered them.
How oft I've heard them too.

Words, precious words, oh the difference they can make,
To a mother's heart that sometimes aches.

A mother to girls, and a girl in this mother,
Living and loving, while forgiving each other.

                 via pinterest

thinking about this quote I wrote back when my kids were much younger....

One thought comforts me like no other,
when I feel like I've failed in my role as a mother.
The hope that the Lord in His goodness will send
another new day,for my errors to mend~L.M.~


  1. These are some beautiful words, Lucy. "A girl in this mother" - profound.

  2. Read it over and over again. I can relate. Words are said, sometimes hurtful, but ACTIONS can also mend a heart broken by words.


  3. Thank you Anne and Poppy. Yes, Poppy for better or worse actions do often speak louder than words.

  4. Ohhhhh, pretty photo near the beach, Lucy. Lovely poem, too. Loved it.

    Also loved the quote you left on my post today. Fit me to a tea!

    Thanks for your sweet visits. Susan


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