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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Dream Is Now


It hit me with a powerful force as I was making supper last night.
This is the dream.
I'm living it.
Yes, the quick thaw the hamburger in the microwave because I forgot to plan supper in the morning like they always tell you to do.
Or what about those people who plan their meals for a month, and cook and freeze them all. I have always been in awe of those people.
I know I will likely never BE one of those people.

Yes, the backaches and bills, the weeds and dirty windows.
The poppies bursting open with such gusto that I feel like I should begin a chant of sorts...oh yes the poppies are back...the sweet, rosy faces fill me with joy,oh yes the poppies are back...(end chant)

 I sit on the front step  with a coffee and a book while I wait for my kids to come home from school. The sun shines warmly on me.
 The bus stops, my entourage crosses the road while traffic builds on either side. I wave to them, the bus driver or anyone else who cares to notice. It  feels good to greet my kids at the end of their school day.

                Although the village has it's merit in raising my child,
                     I am so glad it isn't nearly as crucial as my role.
                    I am not always as aware of this as I want to be.

                    But this is not just an idyllic  dream. It is reality.
                              The grit ,the grind, it is glorious.
                        I'm so thankful I have gotten in on the ride.

                         The dream is now...this is the reality.
                       So be in it; and don't dream it away.


  I'll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open,
   and do my looking back with my eyes closed.
            (Clay Walker)

last evening at supper my daughter who is taking a philosophy class got us talking about dreams and how they discussed whether we are actually 'with it' when we dream, or if we have no control. Not sure what the verdict was but it made interesting table talk:)


  1. Hi Lucy,

    How true your words are today, as always! In my opinion, we have one life, if we live it honestly, we cannot but live a dream, and thus, a reality.

    Many things to ponder in this poetic post of yours, and I will give them further thought!:)


  2. Love it!
    We really are living the dream...moment by moment!
    Love your poppies...so beautiful!
    Every moment a gift from Him \0/
    Love and hugs to you...Im closer to where you are right now...we're on holidays! Heading to the Farmers Market soon! xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo

  3. really! that is so neat...hugs~L

  4. That is so true, and it's especially important to realize it! Thanks for the reminder:) I'm living my dream too; it's just easy to let it be hidden in the have-to-dos sometimes. Love your poppies!

  5. Lucy,
    Oh yes, you are living the most wonderful dream. It was some of the happiest times in my life when my kids were growing up. I used to love picking them up after school and seeing their sweet faces. Do appreciate this time, dear, it goes by so quickly.

    I love your poppies, and have a bunch of them in my front yard too.

    Always appreciate your posts, Lucy.



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