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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bleeding Heart Memoir

      I remember as a child being fascinated at the plant called  bleeding heart...I'd stare in awe at the hearts drooping delicately from the stem.So intricate and interconnected with one another...hence the inspiration for this memoir...       

"The truth is... it's hard...and their is a lot of grit and  very, little glory".She says this as if she wants to warn me and keep me safe, free from hurt and disappointment.
I nod understandingly.
The truth is, at this point I don't care. I would rather have the whole messy truth, over glib guessing games, and plain indifference.
Glossy pages and shiny facades are fun to look at,but after a while they leave you panting, quenching as well as a drink of salt water would.

"I'm ready". I say this with firm resolve.
"To feel is everything, and to be unable to feel is nothing at all." I say this with an emotion that evokes experience.

For I have been in both places. Not all at once but at different times in my life.
Sometimes grappling  with fear of the unknown as it subtly stole the joy of the present. Times tenacious hand would clench darkly around my soul,embittering  and hardening my true feelings.
I will not go back to that place ever.
Other times I lived in a state of bliss and mysterious wonder. My world seemed to be conquered and I was ambiguous and aware all at once.

Now here at this crossroads; I was to choose which course I wanted to take.
And I know without a shadow of doubt I will take the path of pain and hardship. The path of trust,the path of honesty even at a price. The way of forgiveness,that has also been shown to me.

 The easy road isn't always the best, and the high road is over rated. 
For when we have lived,when we have felt,stumbled and fallen, when we've cried a little and laughed alot. We have lived, really lived. 
Beautiful, glorious, messy living. Not always picture perfect or pretty, but with hearts that have opened to receive love and grace. Much like the rain that keeps falling and being soaked up by the fertile earth. We keep loving with feeling and forgiving hearts.

(and I want also to add here that even though our hearts bleed at times,
our Heavenly Father allowed His Son's blood to pay for all our sin.For that I am so grateful)......John 3:16


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  1. Hi Lucy,

    Once again, your words and complementary images are both meaningful and illustrative. Forgiveness is something I, myself have contemplated in my life, especially issues regarding the forgive/forget debate. Thanks for the interesting read!


  2. Hi Poppy, I hear you. Forgiveness is a journey that takes time. Thanks for your visit.

  3. "To feel is everything, and to be unable to feel is nothing at all." - yes. me too. Good stuff here, Lucy. I've always loved bleeding hearts too. xoxo


thank you and blessings for words from your heart...