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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Garage Sale Full


Hello! I am still here. Life these days has been full. Full of good, busy, bustling goodness.
June is indeed a flurry of activity including gardening,cutting grass almost every other day (not quite:)and school activities and trips, piano recitals, birthday parties and garage sales.yes that full:)
Speaking of garage sales, I had one this past weekend. It has been a while since I attempted this as I usually donate any usable items to the local thrift store. But this spring as I was cleaning out closets, cupboards and such I thought I'd try one again.I forgot the tremendous amount of work it is! Can I just say- I would way rather go to garage sales, than have my own!
Confession here..I actually slipped out to a couple while mine was happening!
I know I need help:) 
and no, it wasn't overly busy...(we live in the country beside a fairly busy road but I think everyone had a destination.)
I did manage to sell some things though, and my girls had fun with it.
Somehow we managed to attend a birthday party and a piano recital midst it all! 
                           sitting and waiting for someone to stop:)

     the bric-a-brac that brought me to this place....I was so happy I sold that bed,well actually I loved that bed my girls had shared, but we have squeezed single beds into their room and THEY couldn't be happier:)and the lady that bought it was very happy too:) here is the way it looked then...

One observation...your own garage sale can make you feel very vulnerable...

blogging about your own garage sale... even more vulnerable! (should have remembered this when my son asked what vulnerable means!)

It was fun, but next time I think I might take it all to the thrift store :))

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  1. Oh Lucy, I know how much immense work goes into a yard sale. My back would ache and my entire body would be ready to collapse by the end of one.

    Glad you sold some of the things. That bed really was very pretty. I saw a couple other things I would have bought, too, if I lived near you.

    But oh Lordy, I sure need to have one of my own. ha hahha Susan

  2. Lucy,
    I love garage sales! I chuckled when I heard you went to a couple garage sales during your own, how funny. I'm glad you did this with the girls. It's always fun with the kids. Sometimes they can get a little money out of it too. The last garage sale I had was when we moved from one home to another.

    Your yard looks so green and groomed, Lucy!



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