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Friday, 28 June 2013

Wrapping Up

Peace is a belief that exhales....( Ann Voskamp)

I hold onto this peace, here on this last day of elementary school.Yes finally, here in Canada school lasts until the end of June and resumes again in early September.

My two youngest are wrapping up their grade five and seven years.             

Wrapping up like I did the date loaf I baked last night. I sliced some and put it on a pretty plate and sent it with my daughter to give to the teachers. 

The wrap up of another school year is significant. It makes me feel wistful and nostalgic.
Yesterday when I went to lunch duty at our school the children had already helped the teacher pack up the classroom. They were ready to move on.
 One teacher is retiring this year after teaching for twenty seven years here at our school. Long enough to teach some of her former pupils children.

Life is a continual forward motion. It's current can fluctuate between surging and ebbing but it must go forward. We must  go with it, or we will suffocate. 

Like breathing,we draw in, but if we never breathe out....release,relinquish,rest. We will eventually die from our own selfishness and refusal to accept the inevitable.

I am learning how to do this. I am learning that the peace in breathing out is so much sweeter than the breathes i inhale. It is still a journey I am on, but as this month wraps up  
I vow to remember that letting go and giving must become as natural as breathing in order to bring peace and serenity to this heart.

my peach colored rose..,

I wrote the above yesterday,on our last day of school. Now, here the house is quiet,while most of them are still sleeping. The back packs have been banished to the closet for some much needed rest too. The summer is having a soggy introduction as the rain keeps on. Everything is lush and silent. Here waiting, between the wraps and the 
 breaking in of summer.


  1. Lovely post! My youngest got her holidays today also and it is a damp start to Summer! Have a nice weekend:)

  2. The loveliest of words that have given me much to think on.

  3. Lucy,
    I love what you have said here. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air to me. Sometimes letting go is hard, isn't it? Your peach rose is so pretty, and it almost looks orange, which I'm told is the happiest color.

    Have a special weekend, Lucy.


  4. Oh, it is so hard...the letting go. It seems there are always so many changes. But you have spoken words of truth here. Letting go is what we must do. It is a vital part of the "surging and ebbing" and "breathing." It's the only way.

    Thank you for the reminder, Lucy...and one so beautifully expressed.

    (Enjoy your summer!)

  5. Hi Lucy,

    Such a timely and meaningful post for many of us at this time of year. My daughter did her first year of university at my alma mater, The University of Toronto, and then another four years in Athens, and as you know, she has been in Toronto since November in the hope of securing a better future. So, sometimes my deep breaths end up as heavy sighs as I miss her so much! But, like you so eloquently observed, letting go and accepting such milestones is a must, if we are to live in harmony and happiness.

    Thanks for the reminder!:))


  6. Kids here get out in mid-May, but they go back mid-August. Yikes! When I was teaching we began in early September, and that was nice. I feel like I'm with you on learning to breathe out. . . a blessing from God when we allow it.


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