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Friday, 1 January 2016

A Glance Back To See Ahead

As each year closes, inevitably I seem to find myself in contemplation of sorts.
Life is busy, but at the close of a year I find myself craving the luxury of contemplation and commiseration.

A year has a way of changing things, and in the process we are changed. Our carefully executed lives are no match to God's plans and purpose.
One can only glance into life's rear view mirror to know that very often we hear ourselves ask, "how did I get here?" 

The good and not so good at the time experiences in a fleeting year make me feel small. I would almost feel insignificant were at not for God's undulating grace that flows in and through every place I have been in the past year.
This grace is the current that propels me forward in place of looking back too long and dwelling on situations that must pass like water under the proverbial bridge. 
I read recently that the reason the windshield is much bigger than the rear view mirror is because we are going forward not back. Life is always a forward motion. But there is a mirror to glance back into. I think it may be there to let us know where we have come from. To remind us and help us remember experiences and lessons learned at times along the hard road.

 The other day as I pulled into the driveway I caught the line of a song playing low on the radio. The unshakable lyrics from Meghan Trainor's catchy song played through my head for the rest of the day...

                    I'm gonna love you like I'm gonna lose you
                            I'm gonna hold you like we're saying good bye
                            Where ever we're standing I won't take you for granted,
                             Cos we'll never know when we'll run out of time.
                             So I'm gonna love you like I'm gonna lose you..
                             I'm gonna love you like I'm gonna lose you.

Life holds no guarantees, and in almost an instant can at times change what once we were. I observe people whom I know and love lose their spouses, their careers or their health. Children keep wanting to grow up and try on independence and I keep needing to adjust with every facet of change. 
I am glad my heart doesn't know what 2016 holds. Like this past year it will surge and ripple until it too passes away. So let's love intensely like we are saying good bye, because we never know when we'll run out of time.


My youngest daughter and I back in May on a spring boat ride.

                               Blessings to you in the coming year!                                    


  1. If only we all loved like that, wouldn't it be nice? A very cute picture of you and your daughter, Lucy.



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