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Friday, 29 January 2016

We Really Are All In this Together

Simply skimming the surface here..

People need people. We all no matter how fiercely independent we may be, need a certain amount of interaction with others.

Like plants need air and oxygen, so people need other people around them breathing life into their souls.

I find it incredibly fascinating how linked together
everything is.                                          

No man is an island. So true. Is anything an island really? 
Isn't everything connected?  Lagging dollar reflected in the fuel costs, which is driving food prices up, which affects the supplier and ultimately the consumer.

I had been experiencing some back pain recently.It seems my alignment was off...This landed me in an office where I was shown a replica of a spine, and could see how intricately connected our design in anatomy is as well. 


The refugee crisis recently again was a powerful reminder of how key connections have become..what importance they play universally.

I came across this amazing old Celtic quote in a newspaper recently..
We live in the shelter of each other. That shelter is found not only among our own kind- people with similar eating habits,skin colour, ways of thinking and manner of dress...but also in the shelter of others who are different from us. It is a shelter in which we can explore our differences,eat each other's food, cry and laugh with each other, and dispel our false notions about each other.


  We must not forget that together is a force, and we belong together.

Reaching around the globe to care, pray, lift and love...hearts relating to each other connecting us all into a large small world.

                             Happy Friday,thanks for visiting!


  1. This is so beautiful, Lucy! Thank you for these poignant thoughts. I love the Celtic quote (I'm going to have to borrow that one ;) ).

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  2. Lucy, I've always believed that the people in our circles are connected to each other is some way or another. I hope your back pain has subsided, that's awful to go through. Lovely pictures today, Lucy.


  3. What intricate thoughts you weave, sweet Lucy. You seem to me to be a quiet thinker, bursting with an introspective energy for goodness, peace, and love.

    Thank YOU for staying connected, and making this world a little smaller.


  4. So true Lucy...learning these truths more and more every day.
    Blessings and hope you are feeling better.
    Love & prayers xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xo


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