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Friday, 8 January 2016

A Touch Of Softness

    A lovely pink sky seemed so fitting to this post today..  

The white room has a new chandelier. It's just what I didn't know I wanted until I saw it there on sale at Canadian Tire.
That's the way it works in treasure hunting, sometimes you find the treasure, sometimes the treasure finds you.
I love the pink softening the edges...


Been thinking about the word softly. Softly speaks loud sometimes. 
I had laryngitis this week, and not being able to use my voice as much had me whispering to be heard sometimes...


Got me thinking about how misunderstood softness can be. after all don't we all crave a soft place, a comforting place to land with whatever we may be carrying?

To my word renew,I shall add the word softly.


                                  enjoyed this classic during the holidays..

and as my voice returns and is renewed, I will look for ways to soften the hard edges of life.


        Thank you for your soft presence here...

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