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Monday, 4 January 2016

Settling On My Word Here

It's the first Monday of the new year. Routine has showed up and mornings made sweet and special by lack there of, have been replaced by it's stout greeting. I welcome it back as I sip my coffee and revel in some solitude.

The temperatures are frigid here, and I began the year a little under the weather too, with a terrible cold....

It was a good weekend to read alot, so I did...
I read this book. I was immediately intrigued  by the forth rightness of her writing. I borrowed the book, but if I hadn't it would of been filled with highlighting...



I've been thinking about my word for this year...

and I've decided it will be renew.

Renew a right spirit within me..(Psalm 51:10)
and to renew my mind daily in the Word.

I also discovered Mary Oliver please tell me where I've been! Such lovely writing.
Bring on 2016, come what may I say. My prayer is to live renewed and alive!


                   Have you chosen a word this year?



  1. I cannot choose 'a word'...there are too many. But I do love the word you've chosen! hope you feel better soon!

  2. Renew is always good. It also means restore. So "beside the still waters you restore(renew) my soul" is one that you can include in your meditation.

    My words were between silent and unknown. But as you read I chose silent. It is the path I am on..being silent, unknown, quiet, hidden in the deep waters. Deep calls unto deep. I will not be blogging because of it. I may still post here and there. I do not know yet!

    Beauty to you in this year of mercy.

  3. I am so grateful that you found my blog, because I in turn found yours.
    I love Mary Oliver. She was an important part of the poetry unit I taught my high school English students.

    You are a wonderful writer!

    I love your word.



thank you and blessings for words from your heart...