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Monday, 18 January 2016

Mid Life Afternoon

         Tool sheds take on a mysterious persona in the winter...                                        

the time of day between morning and evening..
                                            It was the perfect winter afternoon. After yesterday's busy day of hosting and the previous one of preparing, she carefully stacked and placed the Sunday china back into the painted hutch. The good flatware, saved for those special occasions was tucked away...


The bouquet of carnations purchased at half price as a gift to herself when buying groceries last week looked promising,a little like afternoon...


She'd had a difficult time choosing a bouquet. She was bent over examining each hue and colour, when an older gentleman came by, confidently picked up a red bouquet and left.
The last red bouquet was hers..

Outside the snow drifted down. The whole world felt muffled and under warm wraps... She boiled more water for tea, and nibbled on a dark chocolate.
There were projects she had saved for days like today.
But she knew they'd wait longer...

Afternoon wouldn't last forever, so she decided to bask in the ambiance it bestowed her...

After all afternoon is a wonderful stage of life...


                     My afternoon got away on me after I wrote this...:)



  1. Indeed, a slow-ish afternoon is a gift!

  2. Lucy, this looks just like my wedding china, only mine has a blue tint. And your red carnations are so pretty. Your mid afternoon sounds perfect. And look at all that snow, lucky you.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. How beautiful! A great reminder to slow down and smell the carnations!! Blessings! Linda


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