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Friday, 1 January 2016

It's The Little Things...

Call me old fashioned, but I still like having a calendar hanging up in my kitchen.
Of course this can't be just any old calendar...it must meld into the decor, and suit my style, just so...
Of course this hanging of the calendar than becomes more than just hanging up a calendar..
It's a pursuit and an event....

and then it stays, quietly recording life's dates and times...for one whole year... unless of course I decide to change it half way through...but that's another story:)

Here unofficially is my calendar for 2016.


The 'runner up' and the has been...

Do you use a wall calendar?


  1. Lucy, Yes I love calendars, but I have a book one every year (Mary Engelbreit). I haven't got a place to put it though since we downsized and our house is smaller. Thank you for reminding me to get a stand and put that calendar out where I can see it!

    Happy New Year, Lucy!

    love, ~Sheri

    1. Thanks Sheri. I love Mary Engelbreit as well.

  2. I always used a wall calender until about three years ago. Now I just use a daily planner. I probably would still use a wall calender if we still had a bookstore near us to buy them at. I loved Borders Books and purchased such beautiful ones there. I have kept them just for the artwork, my favorite one being a John Waterhouse wall calender. I really miss those days. Shopping on Amazon is not the same for me. Happy New Year Lucy.

    1. Thanks Kerrie, I find too that it is harder to find really nice ones and agree that there's nothing like purchasing them at your local book store. Thankfully here a near by one usually has a nice selection. Like you I hang on to them for the art work as well...xo

  3. I love my wall calendar...but I never write on it! Instead, I print a monthly calendar and hang it on my refrigerator. That is where we record the workings of our family. All appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, work schedules, activities, and parties are written on the frig calendar and we refer to it constantly.

    Happy New Year to you, beautiful Lucy! I enjoyed reading your last post about the passing of time and your encouragement to "live as if we're saying good-bye." That's good advice.

  4. Hi Lucy! I love the image on your new January 2016 calendar. I have a small wall calendar in my kitchen, although it's technically hanging out of sight, inside one of my cabinet doors. Happy New Year :)


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